The Landowners’ Handbook

This is a big project that we have been working on for two years. Our goal is to complete and print a super-useful resourceful guide for all local land-owners and stewards of the land, to guide us as we manage the land and all the co-inhabitants with whom we share it.

This is our Table of Contents. We will gradually add links to pages as we complete them.

Welcome To YES
Did You Know?
From the Mountains to Rivers to Ocean
Nature’s Abundance
Our Ecological Wealth
A Tale of Two Crises
Nature’s Safety Net
Our Connection to Nature
Rhythms and Patterns of Nature
Protect and Preserve Your Forest
Ecological Restoration
Create a Garry Oak Meadow
Create a Wild Flower Meadow
Managing Invasive Plants
Making Development Changes 
Climate Stewardship
Water and Waste
Living by Water
Landscaping For Nature
Protect Your Home and Forest Against Fire
Childlike Wonder
Gardening for Birds
Bugs, Bees and Other Pollinators
Create a Hedgerow
Grow a Food Garden
Create a Food Forest
Foraging from Nature
Farming with Nature
Best Use of Yard Waste
How To Go Zero Waste
Reptiles and Amphibians
Fish and Sea Life
Sick and Injured Animals
Controlling Pets
Managing Invasive Animals
Other Benefits from Nature
Leaving a Legacy
Building Our Community
Resources, References

Author: yellowpointecologicalsociety

We are a non-profit society. We work to understand, appreciate, protect and restore the ecosystems and watersheds in the Yellow Point area of Vancouver Island and to inspire and support local residents and visitors to do the same.

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