Our Activities

Our Current Activities

Forest Protection

We are sharing in the efforts being made by many people and organizations around BC to protect BC’s few remaining endangered oldgrowth forests, to see far more sustainable forest management on BC’s private managed forest lands, and to protect the forest on private land. See here and other stories under ‘Protecting the Forest’

A Green OCP: Ecologically Sustainable Planning

We are planning to become engaged in the development of a new Official Community Plan for the Cowichan valley Regional District as soon as the public engagement period is announced. See here.

The YES Nature Photo Contest

If you enjoy taking photographs, and want to enter our contest, click here for the details. 

Talking Nature: Our regular blog

See here. Would like to write for us? Send an email to yellowpoint2020@gmail.com

Nature in Yellow Point

Two of our members have created these amazing collections. We would love to be able to do the same for our local wildflowers, mammals, reptiles, butterflies, and marine life. 

Common Yard Birds on Eastern Vancouver Island

The Trees of Yellow Point

No Mow May

We are beginning research to understand why the roadsides are all mowed in May, when so many wildflowers are seeding and birds are nesting, and to see if it can be delayed until later in the year.

For the Love of Nature: A Landowner’s Guide to Forest, Farm, Land and Water Stewardship in the Yellow Point/Cedar Area

We have begun a two-year project to write a Landowner’s Handbook, which we plan to distribute to every local landowner. We will publish pages separately, and when they are all complete, we will assemble them into the Handbook. 

A Yellow Point/Cedar Trail

We are starting discussions to apply for funding to build a safe pedestrian and cycling trail that would run alongside the road, beginning at the Kiss’n’Ride where Cedar Road begins north of Ladysmith, running up to the Chuck Waggon, and continuing up Cedar Road to the Cranberry Arms and the road to Duke Point. It would also have a loop around Yellow Point Road from the Chuck Waggon to Cedar.


Our speakers program is currently suspended, due to concerns about Covid-19. For past speakers, see here (scroll down).


We have formed a YES Hiking Club. If you would like to join us, send us an email at yellowpoint2020@gmail.com


We engage in team broom-busting activities each May, clearing broom along Yellow Point Road near the Lodge. In 2021 we want to see if it is possible to clear ALL the flowering broom along the whole of Yellow Point Road, from the Chuck Waggon to the Crow and Gate.

Our YES Newsletter

If you would like to receive our regular newsletter, send us an email at yellowpoint2020@gmail.com

Our Facebook Page

To read and join our YES Facebook page, click here

The Yellow Point Roadside Trash Challenge

See here. If you would like to be a champion for a stretch of road, send us an email at yellowpoint2020@gmail.com

Past Activities

For Love of the Forest

We produced this 5-minute video, sharing our ideas on ways we can save the forest. 

The Sixty Acres

We worked hard to save sixty acres of beautiful well-established forest at the end of Long Lake Road from being cleared, but we were alas unsuccessful, and in three weeks almost all of the trees were felled with a single machine. Most of the forest on the east coast of Vancouver island has zero protection, and has been ecologically abandoned – a state of affairs which we are working to change.

The YES Fund

YES members and supporters raised $2500 to help individual members of the Snuneymuxw First Nation, in partnership with The Nanaimo Foundation. The Fund is now closed. 

Future Activities

A Yellow Point Forestry Cooperative

We hope to develop and launch this cooperative, enabling local forest landowners to share the knowledge, skills and equipment needed to manage areas of our forests using ecologically sustainable methods of ecoforestry, as demonstrated and taught at Wildwood.

Youth Nature Education

We are discussing the possibility of offering a Nature day-camp for young people, starting in 2021.  

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