Our Activities

We have many activities on the boil, including monthly meetings, a regular hike, the Yellow Point Roadside Trash Challenge, and research to develop ways to protect Nature in Yellow Point and its associated ecosystems.

Speakers and Hikes: https://yellowpointecologicalsociety.ca/activities/speakers-and-hikes/

Yellow Point Roadside Trash Challenge: https://yellowpointecologicalsociety.ca/yellow-popint-roadside-trash-challenge/

Thursday May 30th:

Galen Armstrong

You are invited to join us for another great evening, this time with Galen Armstrong, the Sierra Club’s of BC’s Lead Organizer. Our forests are our best ally in fighting climate change. Old-growth temperate rainforest has the largest carbon storage capacity per hectare on Earth. Halting the logging of endangered old-growth forest on Vancouver Island will help reduce BC’s carbon footprint and allow salmon, bears, wolves and many other species a fighting chance to adapt to a warming world. Learn more about forests and climate. The Sierra Club wants an action plan to restore the health of our forests, including increasing protection of the rare temperate rainforest with more government and community control over corporate logging operations on public land. If you’d like to join us, please email us at yellowpoint2020@gmail.com to give us a sense of numbers! By donation.