The YES BioBlitz 2023

Friday April 28th to Monday May 1st

Welcome to the 2023 YES BioBlitz!

A BioBlitz is when ordinary folks wander out into the local woods and wetlands, looking for as many different species of plant, animal, bird and fungus as we can, and take a photo, using the iNaturalist app. When lots of us to it over a short period, it gives us a snap-shot of how Nature is doing.

Please encourage people to participate! There’s a poster here that you can print, and put up in your local area. Keep on reading, below!

Friday April 28th – Monday May 1st   – take pictures of wild fungi, plants and animals

Tuesday May 2nd – Sunday May 7th  – upload and identify the species in iNaturalist

Results will be announced by May 14th and prizes chosen by the end of May.

To participate in the BioBlitz, you need: 

  1. A free I-Naturalist account or app;
  2. A smart phone or camera to capture images or sounds;
  3. A smart phone or computer to upload images or sounds

 4. Go to YES BioBlitz 2023 (it does not work using Safari). Create an account, or log in if you have one.

5. Top right, click “Join”

6. If you still have questions, message us in iNaturalist or email us at  If you want to chat, leave your number and we will call back.

The area for the Bioblitz includes Ladysmith, South Nanaimo, Cassidy, and our coastal waters to the east as shown on the map below.  We are looking at adding more area south of this and will update the site if successful.  Note there are many public parks where you can explore and there are reserves and private lands, where you need permission.

All photos and recordings taken during the designated dates and times (6 AM on April 28th to 8 PM on May 1st) in our geographical location will count towards our YES BioBlitz. Of course everything entered in I-Naturalist outside this time-frame is also valuable!

This year’s prizes will be sets of 10 nature cards by the Salt Spring naturalist and artist Briony Penn.

There are great resources on iNaturalist on how to participate as a school group, how to take photos which can be identified, and how to use iNaturalist.

Other projects in our area

Author: yellowpointecologicalsociety

We are a non-profit society. We work to understand, appreciate, protect and restore the ecosystems and watersheds in the Yellow Point area of Vancouver Island and to inspire and support local residents and visitors to do the same.

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