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We are collecting useful resources that help us understand the ecology of the Yellow Point area, and how community and provincial planning work in relation to the important ecology of this part of Vancouver Island. If you find any dead links, please tell us!


Coastal Douglas-Fir Conservation Partnership

Coastal Douglas-Fir Conservation Strategy, 2015

Silva Forest Foundation

Why is the Coastal Douglas-Fir Region at Risk?

Wildwood Ecoforest

Why forest cover matters for our watersheds – short video-clip

The Call of the Forest – video about Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Hyla Woods in NW Oregon

UBC Forestry Stream and Riparian Research Lab

HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon, Research Programs

Restoring Forestry in BC (CCPA)

BC Coalition for Forestry Reform


Thinking Like a Watershed: Ecological Assets Explained (4 minute video)

Vancouver Island Waterwatch Coalition

 The Wetland Keepers Handbook – A Practical Guide to Wetlands Care

Watershed Stewardship – A Guide for Agriculture

Green Shores: Protecting Waterfront Properties and Natural Shoreline Habitats

Yellow Point Cedar Watershed Modelling Case Study

Groundwater Quality Survey of Aquifers in South Wellington, Cassidy and North Oyster

Coastal Hydrology & Climate Change Research Lab VIU

Society of Wetland Scientists, US Pacific Northwest

Small Forested Wetlands

The Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC  

Practical Water Solutions

Yellow Point Cedar Watershed Planning (CVRD)


 Naturescape: Caring for Wildlife Habitat at Home

Naturescape: Native Plant and Animal Booklet, Georgia Basin

Vancouver Island Wildlife

Audubon Guide to North American Birds

Wildlife Tree Stewardship Program

Owls on Vancouver Island

Amphibians and Reptiles in BC

Frogs and Toads of Vancouver Island Identification Guide

Sharp-Tailed and Garter Snakes Identification Guide

Salamander Identification Guide, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

Cats and Birds

Lichens in Holland Creek Watershed – a Photo-Essay

E-Flora – Electronic Atlas of the Flora of British Columbia 

 E-Fauna – Electronic Atlas of the Fauna of British Columbia

Nature Needs Half Project

 Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory: East Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands 


 Community Stewardship – A Guide to Establishing Your Own Group

Community Mapping Project

CVRD State of the Environment Report  

Twelve Big Ideas for a Strong Resilient Community (CVRD)  

Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region

Where Do We Stand – Cowichan Community Forest

South Coast Conservation Program


Cowichan Land Trust

Cowichan Estuary Association

Nature Cowichan

Cowichan Valley Naturalists

Nature Kids

Nature Conservancy of Canada


Yellow Point Bog Ecological Reserve

Yellow Point Ecological Reserve

Plant Community Types of the Yellow Point Bog Ecological Reserve, Hans Roemer


 The Green Bylaws Toolkit for Preserving Sensitive Ecosystems and Green Infrastructure

The Stewardship Centre for British Columbia

POLIS Ecological Governance & Water Sustainability Project 

A Citizen’s Guide to Low Impact Development

Land Development Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic habitat

Stream Stewardship: A Guide for Planners and Developers

Coastal Shore Stewardship: A Guide for Planners, Builders and Developers

Yellow Point Aquifer Development Permit Area (RDN)

RDN Development Permit Areas


RDN Area A Land-Use Designation Map

CVRD Electoral Area H (North Oyster/Diamond) Zoning Bylaw

CVRD Electoral Area H Zoning Map

CVRD Area H Map



Paul Manley, MP

Doug Routley, MLA

Shiela Malcolmson, MLA

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