Speakers and Hikes

Thursday May 3rd, 7pm An Evening with Ted Leischner

Ted Leischner has kept bees for 30 years, including 10 years as a commercial beekeeper with 500 hives. He taught beekeeping for 15 years at an agricultural college in Alberta.

After observing the importance of bees to our agricultural economy, and noting the serious nature of bee decline, Ted became engaged in bee pollinator conservation outreach on Vancouver Island through Bee Plan Now to save both our honey bees and our 400 species of native bees, to ensure our local capacity for pollination and seed set for flowers, fruits and nuts for decades to come. Come and join us for another great evening! RSVP appreciated, to plan for refreshments. yellowpoint2020@gmail.com

Location: 13561 Barney Road, off Yellow Point Road. http://bit.ly/1CCRIDQ



Sunday May 6th, 11am Poetry in the Forest in Yellow Point Park

We will be exploring the park and its spring wildflowers, stopping at ten places to read a poem. If you have a Nature poem you would like to contribute, please send it over! yellowpoint2020@gmail.com. 

Meet at 13561 Barney Road, and park on the road.