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How Can We Save BC’s Last Remaining Old Growth Forests? An Evening with Erik Piikkila

Thursday December 5th, 7pm

How can we save BC’s last remaining oldgrowth forests and end the clearcutting that commits such savagery in our forest ecosystems? Erik Piikkila is a forest and watershed ecologist who has recently returned from the Forest Summit and Convergence in Nelson BC, which was organized to motivate citizens and communities to tackle the climate crisis, protect forests and water, preserve species biodiversity, and influence government legislation, policy and action.

13561 Barney Road, off Yellow Point Road. Tasty refreshments for all to enjoy! Please RSVP if you want to attend. Coming from the north, once you have passed Yellow Point Lodge, Barney Road is first on the right. From the west, it’s first on the left after YP Park. On Barney, go up and down the hill, and ours is the white house at the bottom. Turn left and park on the road.

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Saturday January 11th, 3-5pm: YES AGM and New Year’s Social Gathering

You are invited to join us for our New Year’s Social Celebration and Annual General Meeting, at 13561 Barney Road, off Yellow Point Road. Details to follow!