For Sale: An Opportunity to Build Eight Homes in the Forest – with UPDATE

21 Acres Lane

For the update, see below.

Have you ever thought how you might like to live in the forest, immersed in Nature and surrounded by beauty and wildlife?

There’s a 21-acre parcel of forested land on the market for $799,999 in Yellow Point, at the end of Roper Road. Yellow Point is a jewel of a rural area that’s like a Gulf Island without the ferries, 20 minutes north of Ladysmith, 25 minutes south of Nanaimo.

The land has not been logged for years, and fifty years ago it was managed by Merv Wilkinson, of Wildwood fame. It is in private ownership, and while the owners need to sell, they want to sell to someone who will protect and preserve the forest.

The land is zoned to allow 4 five-acre lots and each lot is allowed two homes. So it could be bought by eight people as a group and developed as a cooperatively-owned building strata, enabling each person to have a space to build a home, while protecting and sharing the rest of the forest. If each new owner used a small half-acre parcel for a home, this would protect 80% of the forest.

A planner with the Nanaimo Regional District has confirmed that a proposal to cluster the homes would be looked on favorably as a way to protect the environmentally sensitive features of the forest. To be developed as a building strata, it would need to be rezoned, followed by a subdivision application detailing roadways, water and plans for sewage. This normally takes a year, but the process would likely be fairly straight-forward, since the neighbours would rather see it developed this way than be cleared of its timber and put back on the market as a clearcut.

Ideally, the owners would write clauses into their building strata that guaranteed long-term protection for the rest of the forest, and placed a conservation covenant on it prohibiting future development but allowing sustainable forest management along Merv Wilkinson’s Wildwood ecoforestry lines.

It could also be developed as four five-acre lots, sharing a panhandle driveway to minimize road clearance. This would need a frontage relaxation approval by the RDN, which is likely achievable.

Here are the property details:

And here:

And here is a map of the land, showing its prominent features

Roper Road Map

If you are interested, please contact Lyle Braithwaite, the realtor, and ask for a tour of the site.

As Yellow Point residents, we would love to welcome new people to the area who share our appreciation and respect for the forest.


If you have an interest to be one of eight people to buy the land cooperatively, please contact me directly, so that I can connect you and arrange a meeting.



Author: yellowpointecologicalsociety

We are a non-profit society. We work to understand, appreciate, protect and restore the ecosystems and watersheds in the Yellow Point area of Vancouver Island and to inspire and support local residents and visitors to do the same.

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